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Happy Tuesday y’all!

So lately I’ve been crazy busy with blogging, wedding planning, work, and new workout schedule (tryin’ to shred for the wed). These times remind me of my grad school days when I had zero time for anything. I would wake up go to the gym, shower & get ready for my internship, drive all over San Antonio to counsel my 8th grade clients at 4 different schools, go back to the office, finish case notes, go to class, then finally go back home- to work on class readings. It was exhausting, but when my days are busy, I feel like I’m being productive when I’m actually marking things off the to-do list. It’s a pretty cool feeling of accomplishment. Which brings me to todays on trend/favorites post.. Planners and To Do notepads! I know it’s not fashion related, but I’m totally loving everything about fun stationary and cute planners that are personalized to what you are planning/dealing with.

Since my life consists of skimming through wedding magazines and pinning on the reg now, I wanted something where I could jot down ideas, and create to-do lists that was exclusively only wedding related. I didn’t want to have “order save the dates” next to “buy Maisey’s dog food”, so I turned to my favorite site in the world for endless personalized creations. ETSY. I recently ordered these super cute notepads from Heather at Paper Less Studio. She was so sweet and totally created these from scratch since I had a specific font and color in mind. I mean how cute did these turn out!?

imagde image 

(shout out to my friend Karissa for coming up with our wedding hashtag the day of the proposal) 

Here are some other notepads that I fell in love with.


I know I will be back! Thanks again Heather. You can check out her Etsy shop here! 

So now that I got my to-do lists organized, I need a new planner. For the longest time now, I have always owned either an Erin Condren or a May Designs planner. Both are so cute, very customizable, personalized, and most importanly- FUN. I promise, these planners/calendars will make y’all want to be organized and literally jot everything down even on the days that have already passed. I’m so guilty of doing that. So since May designs just launched their customs cards today, I want to share a little about what they’re all about. But i totally recommend to also look at EC planners, if you’re looking for a more specific and all-inclusive planner. I personally think both are great options! (Also: If you use the EC link on this post, and sign up with them, you will get $10 off!)

May Designs

May Designs offers notebooks, planners, stationery, and as i mentioned earlier just launched their custom cards and sent me an exclusive sample a couple weeks ago. I can’t wait to order birthday cards, announcements, party invites, and “just because” cards from them! They are so cute, y’all will love! Here’s what came in my package sample: custom

For those of you whose addresses I have, get ready to get your mailbox’s clogged with just because cards filled with paper confetti and straws to use on the reg- there is nothing better than receiving unexpected snail mail, absolutely one of my favorite things to do for my friends.

But anyway, back to their planners: May Designs offers anything from Monthly agendas, weekly agendas, address books, budget journals, and all kinds of Planners- Wedding, Meal, Baby Bump diary, Exercise. You name it, they can do it! The best thing is that they are all completely customizable and you can Personalize any one of them too. Here are a few that I just designed with some of my favorite prints that they offer.


These are just a few of the patterns and colors they have to choose from. All so cute! Here is the link for May Designs again!

Get your Planner on y’all!

Thanks for reading!



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