4th of July and wedding venue scouting

Happy Monday lovers!

I found a new place to blog at! These days I feel like I’m so busy and have to literally set alarms on my phone to remind me that my hour of blogging or 20 mins to do makeup in the morning are almost up and to go on to the next thing on the to-list. I’m pretty harsh with my allotted times, takes me back to the days I worked retail in college and literally had 22 mins to eat lunch on my break and 8 mins to hurry back to Victoria’s Secret from the food court without window shopping- it was torture. So naturally, I’m super excited to be able to do two things at once. I’m currently on the stair master, level 12- going pretty fast, hoping to stay balanced and not fall on my my face as I hold my phone with both hands. 96% chance that might happen before I’m done telling y’all about my weekend. I feel like I will be okay with that though, as long as I’m multitasking.

So I hope y’all had a great 4th of July!
As I mentioned before, we were in San Antonio for the weekend. Even though it rained a little during the fireworks we improvised and still had a great view of the show. By the way- in the 8 years that I lived in San Antonio, I had never stayed in town for the 4th. I do have to say I was pretty impressed with the fireworks. Here’s a gorgeous picture my friend Karissa took & one of us being festive.

20140707-172310-62590373.jpg how gorg?


Anyway, the next day was dedicated to wedding planning. I wore the cutest polkadot shorts from Mint Julep and CL booties to meet with the wedding planners and caterers.

20140708-005550-3350086.jpg They were a hit. But really, back to wedding.. Can we talk about how stressful the planning is? Like I’ve been so excited about being able to plan my own wedding since pretty much birth- but I just want to point out that it’s not all rainbows and butterfly’s when that day comes. The hardest part for us, (which many people don’t have to deal with) is the fact that Trey is from Alabama and all his family and friends are either there, Mississippi, or Georgia. Of course, I’m from Texas and all of my friends are spread across the state. So it’s extremely hard to pick a location since we don’t want to make it hard on anyone to be able to attend. We both really like a place here but also wanted to venture out to San Antonio and consider other options there since we both love the city and of course it would be easier for his family and friends to attend- and not as terrible on mine. So we had a couple wedding venue appointments on Saturday and I fell in love with another place. So here’s the hard part- do you pick the place that’s gorgeous and convenient for you, or the place that’s gorgeous and convenient for most of your guests? Well thats the million dollar question. And in all actuality, we are waiting to hear back on a couple of things from both places, like dates, after hours, things included- and other specifics. So in the end, I think our decision will be made for us, which I’m totally okay with.

But if you’re engaged and are torn between two places, please always go with what’s best for YOU and your fiancé. Whoever wants to be at your wedding, WILL be there regardless. You can never make EVERYONE happy, that’s for certain. & That’s one thing I need to remember. Because in the end, its just you and him- don’t forget.

That night, dinner was perfect. We went to Texas de Brazil. It is a Brazilian steakhouse called a churrascaria. I don’t eat red meat, but Trey and my brother in laws were in heaven. My sisters and I opted for the salad bar, which was like NO OTHER. So good, and wish I wouldn’t have gotten so full after round one. Totally recommend it to anyway who lives near one. I regret not ever going when I lived in SA.


This was my outfit for the night. I love how the top half says “Hi, I’m just being casual”, and the bottom half says “hey lets party”. It was just that kind of night. All the details are on TSS instagram, just tap once on this picture. Don’t forget to follow, if you’re not already!

Thanks for letting me vent to y’all, more wedding adventures coming soon!

PS In case y’all are wondering, I’m happy to say I did not fall off the stair master.




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