Wedding weekends


  Hi friends! I hope y’all had a great weekend. We had a wedding on Saturday, and I wore these fabulous Love Baby Frou Frou earrings, that unfortunately are sold out but you should check them out anyway, I love their jewelry- tons of options!   My dress is from Lulu’s, I apologize for the […]

Wedding Update

Can we just talk about how freakin stressful wedding planning is?! I totally recommend not having ANYTHING else on your plate when planning a wedding, unless you’re hiring a full time wedding planner. I may be exaggerating a little bit, but I seriously never thought it would be this hard. _____________________ Rewind to the first […]

Is it always wedding season? Wedding Attire 101

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It happens to all of us, right around the time we start our senior year of college, crazy spring break pictures and what happened last night status’ on our Facebook feeds turn into wedding pictures and baby announcements. One of my friends brought this up the other day and I can’t help but notice it now, […]

WWW: Secret Photographers

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This post couldn’t be more perfect for What Women Want Wednesday. So guys, are you planning on proposing soon..? (or at some point in your life?!) Well, in case you didn’t already know. Women want a secret photographer during their proposal. It only happens once, and we love pictures, so we need you to plan someone to […]

4th of July and wedding venue scouting


Happy Monday lovers! I found a new place to blog at! These days I feel like I’m so busy and have to literally set alarms on my phone to remind me that my hour of blogging or 20 mins to do makeup in the morning are almost up and to go on to the next […]